For me Pocket Parables as been the prayer that keeps on giving and so I am honored to serve under the people who have been such an enormous blessing in my life. In the summer of 2010 I was a theatre major living a life far from God, and then I got radically saved. I questioned the Lord on whether or not I could continue to act as my options at the University involved roles I was no longer comfortable with. The very next day I saw an ad on Facebook "calling all Christian actors" that was 6 years ago. In addition to providing me a place to use my creative talent for the Lord, Pocket Parables started a church when I needed structure, a book study when I needed guidance and a job when I needed provision.

— Brookelyn

I cannot tell you what it means to us to have your prayers for [my husband's] cancer problems and prayers for my little grandson for his heart test. I feel we are more religious since I joined Pocket Parables. We read and discuss the gospel almost daily together. [My husband] in his recovery has sought out the Lord more often as have I. Thank you. - Sharon